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PR Measurement & Analytics Services

PR Measurement & Analytics Services

The effectiveness of a brand’s communication programme needs to be evaluated under the lens of 'Who, What, When, Where, Why & How'. Our in-depth analytics & data dissection abilities help corporate communication desks and PR firms to obtain satisfactory answers to all the questions that arise while planning and evaluating communication strategies during pre & post-communication phases.

A valuable tool

Our measurement & analytics services empower corporate communication desks and PR agencies to have fast, holistic and detailed access to relevant brand communication insights. We provide comprehensive and periodic reports that present critical parameters, including:

The reports provide strategic insights to allow brands to measure, evaluate and re-align their current communication strategy for better and lasting results.

The insights team

Apart from providing the client with in-depth monthly analytics reports, our team of experts also analyse the reports & cull insights to evaluate the efficacy of your overall communications strategy. These insights are generated to help the client-PR firm team plan their communication programme for the upcoming month.

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